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Форум права. 2022. № 2.
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Yatsenko, I. V. (2022). Problems of Making a Decision On the Appointment of Forensic Veterinary Examination by an Authorized Person and the Ways to Solve Them
Lantinov, Y. A. (2022). About Competition Between the Terms "Criminal-Legal Policy" and "Crime Counteraction Policy"
Grynenko, S. O., & Zelenska, I. M. (2022). Features of Ensuring the Right to Freedom and Personal Invincibility in the Activities of Authorities of Criminal Proceedings in the Conditions of Armed Conflict
Vilchyk, T. B. (2022). Right to Free Legal Aid in Civil Cases in The Practice of the European Court of Human Rights
Mykhailyn, A. I. (2022). Criminal Law Protection of Sexual Freedom and Invincibility
Зозуля, І. В., Довгань, О. І. (2022). Війна та дезертирство: засади правового регулювання в Україні. Форум Права, 73(2), 60–79.
Zozulia, I. V., & Dovhan, O. I. (2022). War and Desertion: Principles of Legal Regulation in Ukraine
Profatilo, K. V. (2022). Features of the Organization of the Activities of the Apparatus of the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries
Golovko, B. G. (2022). Formation of Military Law on Ukrainian Lands in V Century B.C. – XVI Century
Barabash, О. О. (2022). Protection of Human Rights in Administrative Proceedings: Operation of the Rule of Law
Zozulia, O. I. (2022). Legal Status of the Apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine: Current State and Prospects for Improvement
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