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Форум права. 2022. № 1.
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Gordieiev, V. V. (2022). The Subjects of Proving in the Administrative Proceedings of Ukraine
Malieieva, H. L. (2022). Some Problems of Legal Regulation of the Appeal Procedure in the Field of Customs of Ukraine
Яковюк, І. В., Трагнюк, О. Я., Бойчук, Д. С., & Тарасова, Є. О. (2022). Неформальні угоди в теорії та практиці кліматичної дипломатії. Форум Права, 72(1), 21–37.
Yakoviyk, І. V., Tragniuk, О. Y., Boychuk, D. S., & Tarasova, Y. O. (2022). Informal Agreements in the Theory and Practice of Climate Diplomacy
Yukhno, O. O. (2022). Features of Material and Procedural Law in the Application of Coercive Measures of Educational Character to Minors
Вільчик, Т. Б. (2022). Адвокатура та судова влада: історичні аспекти взаємодії. Форум Права, 72(1), 50–61.
Vilchyk, T. B. (2022). Advocacy and Judiciary: Historical Aspects of Interaction
Zozulia, O. I., & Zankevych, N. V. (2022). Legal Status and Peculiarities of the Activity of the State Language Protection Commissioner
Novozhylov, V. S., & Zozulia, A. S. (2022). Extracting Data from Technical Devices and Technical Means That Have the Function of Photo, Film or Video Recording, Or from The Technical Unit of Photo, Film or Video Recording: Legal Nature, Criminal Procedural Order of Exercising and Legal Result
Shandula, O. O. (2022). Concepts, System and Sources of International Standards of Organization and Activity of the Bar
Filatova-Bilous, N. YU. (2022). Compensation of Damages Caused by The Violation of the Right to Home During the Military Aggression: The Problem of Determining the Categories of Claimants
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