2020 N 4 - Форум права

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Форум права. 2020. № 4.
Anheleniuk, A.-M. Y. (2020). Electronic Document Flow as an Area of Improving the Criminal Procedural Form during Pre-Trial Investigation in Ukraine
Demchyna, T. Y. (2020). Correlation of the Principle of Independence of Advocacy with Other Legal Categories
Mykhailyn, A. I. (2020). Article of Criminal Code 368-5 "Illegal Enrichment" As a Legislative Virus in the Criminal Law System of Ukraine
Зозуля, О. І. (2020). Конституційні засади інформаційної безпеки України. Форум Права, 63(4), 32–44.
Zozulia, O. I. (2020). Constitutional Bases of Information Security of Ukraine
Korniyenko, G. S., Soloviova, V. S., & Nesterenko, I. V. (2020). Legal Aspects of Farms’ State Support within a Transfer of Agricultural Land
Kulyk, O. I. (2020). Virtual Asset Market as an Object of Legal Regulation
Sokurenko, V. A., & Khriakova, N. O. (2020). Trends in the Development of the Concept of "Free Use" of Works in the Digital Market in Modern EU Copyright Law
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