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Форум права. 2020. № 2.
Zozulia, O. I. (2020). Civil and Political Human Rights in the Conditions of Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in Ukraine
Lillemiae, O. E. (2020). Features of Application of Legal Rules in the Automatically Compatible State Aid Sphere
Михайлин, А. І., Радутний, О. Е. (2020). Легалізація проституції та сутенерства як юридична та соціальна проблема. Форум Права, 61(2). 32–40.
Mykhailyn, A. I., & Radutnyi, O. E. (2020). Legalization of Prostitution and Publication as a Legal and Social Problem
Ostafiichuk, L. A. (2020). Ethical Aspects of Contracting a Lawyer to Provide Legal Assistance
Savanets, L. M., & Stakhyra, H. M. (2020). Contract for the Supply of Digital Content Concept According to Adaptation of Ukrainian Contract Law to EU Acquis Communitare
Titko, E. V., & Kurtynets, M. I. (2020). Polish Act on International Private Law: A History of Codification and Modern Regulation
Marushchak, N. V. (2020). Understanding of the State in the Works of Outstanding Representatives of Philosophical and Legal Thought of Modern Period
Марущак, О. А. (2020). Щодо сучасного розуміння та значення ідеології. Форум Права, 61(2). 92–101.
Marushchak, O. A. (2020). Concerning the Modern Understanding and Meaning of Ideology
Zabuha, Yu. Yu., Soloviova, V. S., & Nesterenko, I. V. (2020). Features of Criminal Responsibility for Intentional Murder Committed in a State of Strong Emotional Excitement
Petrov, S. G. (2020). Organizational and Legal Basis for Combating Cyber Attacks in Foreign Countries: Actual Examples for Ukraine
Сліпченко, А. С. (2020). Визначення поняття "майно" у праві ЄС та вітчизняному праві. Форум Права, 61(2). 122–130.
Slipchenko, A. S. (2020). Definition of the Property Concept in EU Law and Domestic Law
Starynskyi, M. V. (2020). Socio-Cultural Obstacles for the Effective Implementation of Decentralization in Ukraine
Chubinidze, O. O. (2020). On the Understanding of Universal Jurisdiction. Форум Права, 61(2). 143–149.
Чубінідзе, О. О. (2020). Щодо розуміння універсальної юрисдикції
Cherviakova, О. V. (2020). Responsibility for War Crimes: Mechanisms and Processes of Recovery of Ukraine's Sovereignty and Security
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