2019 N 4 - Форум права

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Форум права. 2019. № 4.
Bondarenko, N. O. (2019). Gaining experience of parliamentary activity by Galician Ukrainians and its importance in the formation of national justice (1848–1914)
Grynchak, S.V. (2019). Criminal Law Protection of Life and Health of a Person in the Field of Medical Activity
Dufeniuk, O. M. (2019). Polish Experience of Educating Lawyers for Work with Scientific Evidence in Criminal Proceedings
Kovalyshyn, O. R. (2019). The Role of International Organizations in the Development of Commercial Law of Ukraine
Larchenko, M. O. (2019). Social-Economic Factors in the Predictive Estimation of Crimes in Ukraine
Мельник, С. Б., Феофанова, І. М. (2019). Правомірна державна допомога суб'єктам господарювання: законодавче відображення. Форум Права, 57(4), 59–65.
Melnik, S. B., & Feofanova, I. M. (2019). Legitimate State Aid to Undertakings: Legislative Display
Чалий, Ю. І. (2019). Справедливість як метод цивілістики. Форум Права, 57(4), 66–74.
Chalyi, Yu. I. (2019). Justice as a Method of Civil Jurisprudence
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