2019 N 3 - Форум права

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Форум права. 2019. № 3.
Волошенюк, О. В. (2019). Переваги і недоліки політики мультикультуралізму. Форум Права, 56(3), 6–12.
Voloshenyuk, O. V. The advantages and disadvantages of multiculturalism politics
Губанова, О. В. (2019). Щодо правового регулювання стягнення аліментів на утримання дитини за судовим наказом. Форум Права, 56(3), 13–20.
Hubanova, O. V. On legal regulation of recovery alimony for the child’s maintenance according to the court order
Zozulia, І. V. (2019). Police Services in Ukraine Legislation and in Practice
Zozulia, O. І. (2019). Peculiarities of the Constitutional-Legal Responsibility of the Committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Its Officials and Members
Kvit, N. M. (2019). Biological Material as an Object of Civil Legal Relations for the Creation and Use of Biobanks in Ukraine
Melnychuk, S. M. (2019). On the participation of the state-owned of Ukraine in the realization of state functions
Rozghon, O. V. (2019).  "Silent Works" or Another View of the Contents of Copies as Copyright Objects
Tytarenko, O. O. (2019). On the Concept of the Theoretical Model of the State Complex Crime Counteraction Program
Serohin, V. O. (2019). A Review of Monograph by O.I. Zozulia "Constitutional and Legal Status of Parliamentary Committees in Ukraine"
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