2018 N 4 - Форум права

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Форум права. 2018. № 4.
Grynchak A.A. Practice of European Court of Human Rights on the Features of Institutionalization of Political Parties in the Foreign Countries
Dakhova I.I. Limitation of the Implementation of Human Rights and Freedoms: Constitutional Regulation and Practice of the European Court of Human Rights
Заяць Р. Я. (2018). Стан дослідження проблеми адміністративно-правового регулювання діяльності науково-дослідних експертно-криміналістичних установ МВС України. Форум Права, (4), 26–32.
Zayats R.Ya. State of Study of the Problem in Administrative and Legal Regulation in the Activity of Scientific-Research Expert-Forensic Institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
Marushchak N.V. Some Aspects of Human Defense in the Work of Expressed Representatives of a Philosophical Opinion of New Hours
Павленко С. О. (2018). Сутність та зміст оперативно-розшукової ситуації. Форум Права, (4), 42–63.
Pavlenko S.O. Essence and Content of Operational and Successful Situation
Севрук В. Г. (2018). Поняття та сутність етнічної злочинності. Форум Права, (4), 64–94.
Sevruk V.G. The Concept and Essence of Ethnic Crime
Tkachuk G.V. Directions of Perfection of the Legislation of Ukraine about Realization and Protection of Rights on Trademarks
Fomenko M.V. On the Issue of Delimitation of Preclusion of Legal Activities of Labour Unions, Political Parties, Non-Governmental Organization and Related Corpora Delicti
Chornukha A.S. Reason and Purpose of Crimes, Related to the Unfair Competition
Chub O.O. Modern Tendencies on the Legal Capacity of Subjects of the Constitutional Right to Petition
Shevnin S.M. Legal Order of Forming Budget Funds by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
Shulha A.M. The Legal Mentality as a Component of Legal Awareness and the Object of Cognition
Yarynko B.V. Administrative Legal Relations in the Field of Control over the Activities of Arbitration Managers as a Way to Ensure Public Interest in Insolvency Proceedings (Taking into Account International Experience)
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