2018 N 3 - Форум права

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Форум права. 2018. № 3.
Barabash O.O. Legal Awareness, Law and Order, Legality as Factors of Lawful Behavior
Bignyak O.V. Theoretical and Applicative Aspects of Protection and Defence of the State Corporate Rights
Zavalny M.V. Public Control over Non-State Law Enforcement Activity
Зозуля І. В. (2018). Чи є європейською Національна поліція України?. Форум Права, (3), 30–39.
Zozulia I.V. Is the National Police of Ukraine European?
Kachynska M. O. (2018). Gender Equality in Ukraine: National and International Perspectives. Форум Права, (3), 40–47.
Качинська M.О. Гендерна рівність в Україні: національні та міжнародні перспективи
Leshchenko R.M., Zaika A.V. Relations between State and Civil Society in Great Britain: Experience for Ukraine
Liubashenko V.I. Structuring the Responsibility to Protect Within International Law
Osaulenko A.O. Measures to Reform Criminal and Penal Service System Due to the Preparation Process of Ukraine's Accession to the Council of Europe (1994–1995)
Palyukh L.M. The Generic Object of Crimes Encroaching upon the Exercise of Judicial Power
Pilipenko D.A. Regarding the Normative Regulation of the Immunity of a Lawyer in the Criminal Procedural Legislation of Ukraine
Senchyk I.I. The Guarantees of Police’s Professional Activity in Modern Conditions
Sytnik O.M. Characteristics of Special-Criminological Measures to Prevent the Engaging Minors in Criminal and Other Antisocial Activity
Tarnavska M.I. Application the Norms of the Aarhus Convention by the Administrative Courts of Ukraine
Trotska M.V. Analysis of Certain Grounds for Creation of Community Property Right to Natural Resources
Shakhova K.V. Genesis of Legislation to Prevent the Violation of the Right to Sexual Freedom and Sexual Immunity
Shestakov V.I. Decisions, Actions or Omissions of the Investigator or Prosecutor as an Object of Appeal in a Criminal Proceeding
Yurtayeva K.V. Qualification of Mercenarism: National and International Aspects
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