2018 N 2 - Форум права

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Форум права. 2018. № 2.
Andreev D.V. Tactical Operations of Arrest in Possession in the Course of Investigation of Illegal Arms Trafficking
Anpilova A.S. Fairness as a Condition for Acquiring Property Rights by Acquisitive Prescription
Gordeichuk V.V. Unlawful Actions Regarding Trademarks as an Objective Side of the Violation of Exclusive Rights
Hordeiuk A.A. The Problem of Legal Regulation of Private Law Relations in Conditions of their Virtualization
Grechenko V.A., Brusakova O.V. The Views of Pre-revolution Scientists-lawyers about Origin of Law among the Ancient Eastern Slavs
Hubanova O.V. Childhood Vaccination Through the Prism of Private and Public Law: European Experience
Давиденко С. В., & Боковикова Є. О. (2018). Угода про примирення між потерпілим та підозрюваним чи обвинуваченим: проблеми вдосконалення правового регулювання. Форум Права, (2), 56–65.
Davydenko S.V., Bokovykova Ye.O. Reconciliation Agreement Between the Victim and the Suspected or Accused: Improvement of Legal Regulation
Ковтун М. С., & Хрякова Н. О. (2018). Відкриті дані в Україні: сутність та стан розвитку. Форум Права, (2), 66–73.
Kovtun M.S., Khriakova N.O. Open Data in Ukraine: The Essence and State of Development
Мозоль С. А. (2018). Суб'єкти забезпечення кримінологічної безпеки. Форум Права, (2), 74–80.
Mozol S.A. Subjects of Criminological Security
Mokhonchuk B.S., Chyrina V.L. The Issues of Implementation of the Active Electoral Rights of Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine
Motsnyi D.O., Davydenko S.V. Provocation of Committing a Crime During the Conduction of Covert Investigative Actions concerning the Protection of Human Rights
Poliuk Y.I. Some Changes in Civil Processing Legislation in the Implementation of the Right to Appeal to the Court for Protection: Comparative and Legal Aspects
Ponomarev S.P. Basic Sectors of Activity of the State in Ensuring Security and Defense of Ukraine
Пономарьова Г. П., Матвейчук А. В., & Матвейчук А. В. (2018). Виборчі системи для проведення місцевих виборів: досвід країн Вишеградської групи. Форум Права, (2), 115–123.
Ponomariova G. P., Matveichuk A. V., Matveichuk A. V. Local Electoral Systems: The Experience of Countries of Visegrad Group
Skuratovych I.N. The Administrative and Territorial Division of Feudally Fragmented Rus and Its Government Patterns
Сліпченко С. О. (2018). Цивільно-правовий режим безготівкових грошей. Форум Права, (2), 133–141.
Slipchenko S.O. The Civil-legal Regime of Cashless Money
Sokurenko V.A., Kovtun M.S. The Intervention of Public Authorities into the Private Life: Administrative and Legal Aspect
Sobchenko L.I. The Principles of Legal Regulation of the Secrecy Regime in the Operational and Investigating of Criminal Police Units
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