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Форум права. 2017. № 5.
Artemenko I.A. Legal Basis Activity of Bodies of Public Administration as Administrative and Processal Law Subjects
Бандурка О. М., & Греченко В. А. (2017). Деякі аспекти економічної злочинності в УСРР у першій половині 1930-х років. Форум Права, (5), 22–30.
Bandurka O.M., Grechenko V.A. Some Aspects of Economic Crime in the Ukrainian SSR in the First Half of the 1930s
Bespalova O.I., Gorbach D.A. The Concept and Structure of the Administrative and Legal Status of the National Guard of Ukraine
Bespalova O.I., Gorbach D.A. The Concept and Structure of the Administrative and Legal Status of the National Guard of Ukraine
Bereza V.V. Principles of the Department of Cyber Police of the National Police of Ukraine: Theoretical and Legal Aspects
Belous Z.V. The State as a Subject of Protection of Labor Rights of Employee
Bondarenko N.O. Civil Society in Ukraine: Historical and Legal Aspects of Formation and Development
Bugaychuk K.L. Public Management in the National Police: an Object-Subject Approach
Владимиренко І. В. (2017). Шляхи забезпечення реалізації принципів судового процесу. Форум Права, (5), 73–77.
Vladimirenko I.V. Ways of Providing the Implementation of the Principles of the Judicial Process
Voloshina M.O. Legislative Aspects of Control over Telephone Conversations by Units of the National Police
Гетманець О. П. (2017). Правові принципи бюджетного контролю. Форум Права, (5), 84–90.
Hetmanets O.P. Legal Principles of Budgetary Control
Golovko B.Yu. Exemption of a Person From Criminal Responsibility as a Separate Form of the Termination of a Pre-Trial Investigation and Its Significance in the Activities of the Prosecutor in a Criminal Proceeding
Gorbachev A.V. Legal Analysis of Ensuring the Security of Persons Involved in the Performance of the Operational-Investigative Activity Problems under Tacit and Confidential Cooperation
Гуменюк К. П. (2017). Характеристика інституту відумерлості спадщини. Форум Права, (5), 106–111.
Gumehyuk K.P. Characteristics of the Escheat Institute
Гусаров С. М., Комзюк А. Т., & Салманова О. Ю. (2017). Деякі актуальні проблеми реформування інституту адміністративної відповідальності. Форум Права, (5), 112–119.
Gusarov S.N., Komziuk A.T., Salmanova О.Yu. Some Actual Questions of Reforming the Institution of Administrative Responsibility
Davydenko V.V. General Provisions of Operative-Search Support for Preliminary Investigation of Crimes against Property Committed in Public Places
Derkach N.N. Certain Aspects of Regulatory and Legal Regulation of Operational-Investigative Counteraction to Illegal Turnover of Arms
Dyakova О.О. Motivation as a Subjective Factor in Counteracting Legal Nihilism in Police Activity
Єпішко І. С. (2017). Працівник правоохоронного органу як представник держави. Форум Права, (5), 138–142.
Yepishko I.S. An Employee of a Law Enforcement Agency as a Representative of the State
Zhukevych I.V. Novels of Civil Procedural Legislation of Ukraine on Judicial Control over Execution of Judgments
Zavorina O.P. International Experience of Countering Units of the National Police with Murders Committed by Minors
Zozulia I.V., Dovgan’ O.I. Administrative and Legal Principles of Activity of Sports Federations in Ukraine: Analysis of Current Problems
Kalinovskaya Ya.О. Modern Types of Organized Crime of General-Purpose Orientation
Klochko I.O. Organizational Fundamentals of Activity of the Prosecutor’s Office on Combating Corruption
Komziuk V.T. Administrative and Legal Regulation of State Policy of Ukraine in the Sphere of Education
Копайгора І. Д., & Копайгора І. І. (2017). Правовий нігілізм в Україні: поняття, причини виникнення, етапи становлення. Форум Права, (5), 189–194.
Kopaygora I.D., Kopaygora I.I. Legal Nihilism in Ukraine: Concept, Causes of the Emergence, Stages of Formation
Kopcha V.V. Police Reform in the Czech Republic: Question of Legislative Provision
Kostyuchenko O.Y. Domestic Realities of the Legal Status of an Employee in Labor Relations
Krivenko О.I. International Experience of Countering Fraud Committed Through the Internet (By the Example of the European Union and the United States of America)
Lapkin A.V. Problems of a Formulation of Function of the Prosecutor's office Determined by Item 2 of Article 131-1 of the Constitution of Ukraine
Legkaya O.V. The International Bill (Charter) as a Doctrinal Axiom in The Field of Administrative Responsibility
Leiba O.A. Problems of the Application of the Criminal Procedural Law by Analogy in the Works of M.M. Grodzinsky
Логвиненко Б. О. (2017). Здоров'я як правова категорія: до постановки питання. Форум Права, (5), 230–235.
Logvinenko B.O. Health as a Legal Category: the Formulation of the Question
Luchka I.YU. On the Notion of Business Reputation and Inclusion in the Commercial Code of the Right to a Business Reputation of a Business Entity as an Appropriate Legal Institution
Макаровець А. М. (2017). Поняття адміністративно-правового статусу апарату суду. Форум Права, (5), 241–246.
Makarovets A.N. Concept of the Administrative and Legal Status of the Court Apparatus
Малярова В. О., & Андрєєв О. О. (2017). Деякі питання щодо вдосконалення окремих криміналістичних методик. Форум Права, (5), 247–251.
Malyarova V.O., Andreev O.O. Some Questions of Perfection of Separate Criminalistic Techniques
Мозоль С. А. (2017). Класифікація рівнів кримінологічної безпеки. Форум Права, (5), 252–258.
Mozol S.A. Classification of Levels of Criminological Security
Музичук О. М., & Нікуліна А. Г. (2017). Компетенція органів досудового розслідування Національної поліції України. Форум Права, (5), 259–264.
Muzychuk A.N., Nikulina A.G. Competence of the Bodies of Pre-Trial Investigation of the National Police of Ukraine
Nazarenko I.V. Use of the Results of Operational-Search Activity as Grounds and Grounds for Initiating Pre-Trial Investigation of Crimes in the Sphere Of Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs
Orlov Yu.V. The Essence and Concept of Criminality: from Fragmentation to the Integration of Scientific Knowledge
Otrudko V.I. Actual Problems of Legal Regulation of the Institute of Assistance to Citizens to Operational Units in the Law of Ukraine «On Operational and Investigative Activity»
Pyatnitsky A.V. The Mechanism of Administrative and Legal Support for Implementation of Measures for the Enforcement of Judicial Decisions in Ukraine
Патрелюк Д. А. (2017). Предмет протидії кримінальному переслідуванню. Форум Права, (5), 291–297.
Patrelyuk D.A. The Subject of Counteraction to Criminal Prosecution
Pereverziev I.O. Arbitration Proceedings in the Area of Economic Activity: Problems of Application and Solutions
Петренко І. В. (2017). Характеристика юридичних гарантій діяльності судів. Форум Права, (5), 305–310.
Petrenko І.V. Characteristics of Legal Guarantees of Court Activity
Podgorodny S.D. The State of Scientific Elaboration of the Question of the Survey of Housing or other Possession of a Person by Secretly Penetrating Them
Podorozhnyy E.YU. Concept and Main Features of Legal Liability in Labor Law
Polyakova K.V. Bodies of Local Self-Government as Participants in Organizational and Economic Relations
Ponomarev S.V. The Content of the Interaction of Criminal Police Units with Various Actors in the Course of Operative-Search Counteraction to Thefts Combined with Penetration into a Dwelling, Other Premises or Storage
Pchelin V.В. Law Enforcement Agencies as Subjects of Administrative Procedural Relationship with the Plaintiff Legal Status
Пчеліна О. В. (2017). Типові сліди злочинів у сфері службової діяльності. Форум Права, (5), 342–348.
Pchelina O.V. Typical Traces of Crimes in the Field of Service Activity
Rovnyy V.V. Organization of Agricultural Advisory Activities: International Legal Experience
Sverdlichenko V.P. Analysis of the Category of «Abuse of the Right to Honor, Dignity and Business Reputation» in State of Emergency or Under a Martial Law
Sivak V.M. About Bringing the Chairman to Administrative and Criminal Responsibility
Socurenko O.M. Legal Problems of Identifying the Signs of the Subjective Side for Avoidance of Restraint of Liberty or Imprisonment
Staroseltsevа A.V. Institutional Nature of Statutory State Social Insurance
Stashchak M.V., Shendrik V.V. Theoretical Approaches to the Definition of the Concept of «Operatively-Investigative Crime Prevention by Units of Criminal Police»
Stepaniuk R.L. Some New Trends of Development of Criminalistics in Ukraine
Tkachenko V.I. Search Features of the Objects of Operative Interest for the Subjects of Operative and Search Counteraction to Drug Smuggling
Trofimenko D.S. Dematerialization as a Process of Changing the Form of Existence of Securities
Fedorchuk Ju.V. Operative Search for Signs of Crimes Related to the Theft of Budgetary Funds in the Procurement of Medical Equipment and Drugs
Khitra O.L. Development of Normative and Legal Provision for Response on Crisis Situations, Followed by Armed Confrontation
Chernysh M.O., Saltovetsʹ S.A. External Interaction of Criminal Police Units in the Course of Operative-Investigative Counteraction to Illegal Possession of Vehicles
Shatrava S.A. Prevention of Corruption in the Activities of the National Police Bodies as a Necessary Component of the State's Anti-Corruption Policy
Shakhova E.V. Classification of Subjects of Operatively-Search Counteraction to Crimes against Sexual Freedom and Sexual Inviolability
Shvets D.V. The Concept, Content and Functions of Police Training in Ukraine
Shynkarenko E.S. Historical and Legal Genesis in Interpretation of the Concept of «Prosecutorial Supervision»
Shoptenko S.S. Disciplinary Proceedings at the National Police of Ukraine: Content and Peculiarities of Realization
Yurevich I.V., Mkhitaryan L.E. Settlement of the Conflict of Interests in Court: Anti-Corruption Principles and Ethical Aspects
Яфонкін А. О., & Шевчук В. А. (2017). Інформаційна війна проти держави та інформаційна безпека України. Форум Права, (5), 466–472.
Yafonkin A.A., Shevchuk V.A. Information War and Information Security of Ukraine
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