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By publishing in the journal in the form of articles (recommended amount of 10-15 pages) Accepted the results of original scientific, practical and methodological studies that have not been previously published and prepared in Ukrainian, Russian or English, and meet the requirements of paragraph 3 of Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine Decree dated 15.01.2003, № 7-05/1.
The article should be reflected scientific innovation in research and continuity issues early publication of the magazine.
Editorial Staff reserves the right to reject articles that do not meet its themes, and edit them.
Article sent by e-mail, does not absolve the author from having to send to the editorial board of all necessary documents.

Rules for Authors.
Article prepared in one copy on paper in any of the editors of Word 6.0/7.0/97, fully prepared for publication. Font - Times New Roman (main text size 14 pt with 1.5 intervals and indention 1.27 cm) on A4 paper with margins (top - 3,0 cm, bottom - 3.5 cm, left - 2 7 cm, right - 1,8 cm from the edge of the header - 1.0 cm, bottom - 2.0 cm).
Left states:
- The first line of the UDC, the second line - the initials and surname of the author (italic bold, uppercase size 14 pt), degree and academic status (normal line size 11 pt). Here - the full name of the organization which represents the author (normal line size 11 pt);
- The names of other authors (if any), their degree and rank, company name posted below are examples;
- Name of the work is fed through line without hyphenation (bold, uppercase size 16 pt);
- Below a line - keywords.
Next, place a line text.
Figures and tables when there strictly to be located within the field of books printed page orientation and accompanied by captions (figures) and headings (table) (bold, size 12 pt) and have links to them in the text. Captions for figures do not match with the picture size is horizontally must be a multiple of 8 cm from the ability to scale to clearly distinguished characters or character size 8 Pt. Formula prepared only in the formula editor built into Word (for example, Equation 3) of sequentially numbered from right field and references to them in the text.
References (name - a line inside, bold, uppercase size 14 pt; direct source list - a line below, each source only from its own numbering from a paragraph, without duplication by other numbers) must be referenced in the text in order of mention. Bibliographic description of the source is fed strictly to GOST 7.1:2006.
Summary (in Ukrainian, Russian and English) of no less than 5 lines (size 14 pt, without indentation).
Using footnotes are performed as usual and placed at the bottom of the continuous automatic numbering within the same paper.
The paper may not use numerical markers editors Word, and tabulator. If necessary, the complex categorization and allocation of individual text items should only use italics or bold.
Article shall be signed by the authors on the final page.

Attached to the article:
- A separate piece of paper with the names and initials of authors, title, organization and the city, abstract in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages, including author name and title of the article;
- Review (for authors who do not have a degree), and excerpt from the minutes of the Department (Board);
- On paper separately - author information (full name, degree, title, affiliation, position, mailing address, telephone, personal E-mail, fax);
- In the absence of previously transmitted data via email - disc CD / DVD-ROM with the complete test article and some additional electronic files of tables, figures, formulas and specified information (readable information be sure to check before sending)

The mailing address of the Editorial Board:
61080, Ukraine, Kharkov, ave. 50 years of the USSR, 27.
Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs.
Editorial Board of the scientific journal "Forum prava."
Executive Secretary Zozulia I.V.
Tel. +38-050-30-39-118.


Order processing papers editorial board:
- Upon receipt of the article to the email address of the journal, the author at his e-mail address is notified of the arrival of the article and a possible issue for its inclusion in the publication.
- After reviewing articles on plagiarism and its pre-editing, author of the article is sent back for revision and final approval of the article. In the case of abandoned reported by refusing to publish the reasons.
- By regular mail sent to the editorial board of the material of the paper.
Organizational issues are resolved by calling the executive secretary.

The fact of publication of the article
- Placement of magazine articles on the website of the V.I. Vernadsky’s National Library of Ukraine (§ 3.1, § 4.1 Regulations on Electronic Scientific publications by the order of Ministry of Education of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine from 30.09.2004 Higher Attestation Commission, № 768/431/547).
- The author appears to be a standard certificate with bibliographic descriptions of articles and access mode.

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