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Форум права. 2023. № 3.
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Зозуля, О. І. (2023). Перспективи розвитку парламентського контролю в Україні. Форум Права, 76(3), 6–29.
Zozulia, O. I. (2023). Prospects for The Development of Parliamentary Control in Ukraine
Muzychuk, O. M. (2023). Administrative and Legal Regulation of Financial and Economic Relations in Ukraine: Features and Areas of Improvement
Shamsutdinov, O. V. (2023). Corpus Delicti Constructive Features of "Ecocide" (Article 441 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)
Яковюк, І. В., Білоусов, Є. М., Трагнюк, О. Я. (2023). Співпраця агенцій Європейського Союзу щодо реалізації політики з охорони зовнішніх кордонів. Форум Права, 76(3), 49–58.
Yakovyuk, I. V., Bilousov, Y. M., & Tragniuk, O. YA. (2023). Cooperation of European Union Agencies in Implementation of the Policy on the External Border Control
Zhdynyak, N. P. (2023). Main Approaches to Determining the Effectiveness of Prohibitive Criminal Law Norms
Romansky, I. V. (2023). Concept and Features of the Administrative-Legal Status of Local Self-Government Bodies as Subjects of Ensuring the Territorial Defense of Ukraine
Bandurka, O. M. (2023). Legal Principles for Defining Tasks and Principles of Financial Protection for Servicemen in Ukraine
Muzychuk, E. O. (2023). Actual Problems and Directions for Improvement of the Anti-Corruption System in the Public Service
Hetmantsev, M. О. (2023). Execution of A Court Decision as One of the Elements of the Right to a Fair Trial
Бобрик, В. І. (2023). Виконання судових рішень як стадія цивільного судочинства. Форум Права, 76(3), 100–108.
Bobryk, V. I. (2023). Execution of Court Decisions as a Stage of Civil Proceedings
Duliba, Ye. V., & Teremetskyi, V. I. (2023). Certain Aspects of Improving Administrative Liability for Violation of the Quarantine Rules for People Based On the Analysis of Law
Syroid, T. L. (2023). The Role of the European Union in Ensuring Integrated Border Management
Lantinov, Y. A. (2023). Concerning the Suitability of Using the Term "Criminal Legal Regulation Mechanism" in the Theory Apparatus of the Crime Prevention Policy
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