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Форум права. 2023. № 2.
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Вільчик, Т. Б. (2023). Європейські стандарти виконавчого провадження. Форум Права, 75(2), 6–18.
Vilchyk, T. B. (2023). European Standards of Executive Proceedings
Шульга, А. М. (2023). Правозначуща поведінка як вид соціальної поведінки особи. Форум Права, 75(2), 19–31.
Shulha, A. M. (2023). Legal Behavior as a Form of Individual Social Behavior
Muzychuk, O. M., Komziuk, A. T., & Buhaichuk, K. L. (2023). Current Directions for Improving Public Administration in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
Zozulia, O. I. (2023). Problems and Ways of Improving the Legislative Activity of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Yatsenko, I. V. (2023). Theoretical and Hnoseological Construction of the Degree of Severity of Damage Phenomenon Caused by Animal Health in Forensic Veterinary Examination
Bandurka, S. S. (2023). The State of Scientific Development of Interaction Between the State and Advocacy in the System of Human Rights and Freedoms Protection
Zabuha, Yu. Yu., & Mykhailichenko, T. О. (2023). Legal Liability for Dispensing or Selling Medicines Without a Prescription in Ukraine and Some Countries of the European Union
Shovkun, Y. I. (2023). Concept and System of Administrative-Legal Ensurement of Compliance with Restrictions During Public Service Employment
Slipchenko, A. S. (2023). Things as Objects of Civil Transaction in the Law of Ancient Rome and Ukraine
Teremetskyi, V. I., & Duliba, Ye. V. (2023). Peculiarities of Implementation and Functioning of the Unified Judicial Information and Telecommunication System as an E-Justice Tool

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