2018 N 1 - Форум права

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Форум права. 2018. № 1.
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Bakhaeva A.S. Transactions Concluded under the Influence of Ignorance, Fraud (False Pretences)
Bilan A.P. Moral Foundations of Society as Civil Law Category
Волошенюк О. В. (2018). Засоби конкретизації норм права. Форум Права, (1), 23-31.
Voloshenyuk O.V. Means of Concretization the Rules of Law
Voropay T.S. Conflict Resolution in Traditional Society: Synthesis of Moral and Law
Gladky S.А. Formation of the Ukrainian Legal Elite: Conceptual and Methodological Dimensions
Dzhafarova О.V. Study of Public Administration Bodies in the System of Subjects of Licensing Activity in Ukraine
Zamorska L. I., & Karvatska S. B. (2018). Social Determinants of Legal Interpretation. Форум Права, (1), 50–56.
Заморська Л.І., Карвацька С.Б. Соціальні детермінанти правової інтерпретації
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